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The Best Breakfast In Cape Town

We do have quite a reputation in this field, if one pages through 21 years of guest book entries, a number of raving testimonies can be found.

Served usually from 08h30 until 10h00 o'clock you will find beside the cereals and yoghurts a variety of South African fruits, fresh rolls and breads, cheeses, meats and crudités.

Of course we will prepare eggs to your order! An English breakfast with a continental twist you may call it.

And we are always able to make a plan if an earlier breakfast is required.

"It is a joy to be here and see the sparkle of life in every thoughtfully chosen thing. The breakfast is a feast of abundance and your staff are lovely ladies.

Meeting you all made me smile and warmed my heart. Stretched it to bigger size. I am off to absorb more Africa..

Alex Parkinson