I will make my world blue. / Sky, sea, / The unfailing precision

Of flowers, one by one. / Or the scales of a lizard / Unchanging in the sun.

(Robert Sealter)


Inspiring Projects


There are many very worthy social projects and community workshops in South Africa. We have the pleasure to work together with a few and you will always find some of their wacky products in our little bric-a-brac corner.


In 1945 the truly gifted vicar Trevor Huddleston founded a community and feeding scheme in the heart of the Johannesburg townships and these quirky dolls of the Shwe Shwe Poppis™ family are still so fresh and modern, they are very much part of our house.


Once the railway was going through this settlement of Vondeling in the semi-desert of the Karoo but now it is cut off from the modern world, without electricity. With the help of two great-minded ladies from Port Elisabeth the story of this community has positively changed through their skills to work with wire, feathers, pearls and other natural materials.


So tiny and so BIG – we love the creatures of the Republic of Woza Moya! Yes, they do have their own passports as well, therefore you had better take these Little Travellers with you on your journey...


The poorest of all human beings indeed. Street children are most vulnerable and their use of drugs results mostly to depress their hunger but also for love and affection. So important that you have people of intelligence and creativity around. And The Homestead in Cape Town has some of them united to ease the urge.


Bold and colourful fashion for little money but with the goal to uplift HIV positive rural Communities, in Kwa-Zulu Natal through fair trade. This is just one of South Africa’s success stories and Jabulani Jewellery can now be found around some elegant necks, wrists and ears around our globe.


At Streetwires there is nothing these talented people could not create in wire, from life size sheep (not cheap though !), an almost life size statue of Nelson Mandela (he is bigger than life !) down to hardly visible tiny lizards. You ask, they produce. A wire baobab tree and their products have always been part of our little corner.


Regina Borth-Ruether is not just the designer of these blue pages, she is also the unstoppable creative ‘engine’ behind the unique concept of GIVE IT BAG. No, it is so much more than bags. Have a look yourself.


Not for sale but close to us and our young history here; have a look at the most inspiring community based project in our Mother City. Dance for All seeks to uplift children of underprivileged families by providing the opportunity for enjoyment and promotion of self-esteem through the medium of dance.